Weekly Roundup December 2020, part 1

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I read many interesting articles during my week, generally I archive them in Pocket or OneNote. Moving forward it’s my plan to create a weekly blog post linking to these articles.

Alt-texts: The Ultimate Guide

I guarantee that even if you think you know all about alt text you’ll still find something in this post that’s new to you.

Demystifying WAI-ARIA

Aria attribes can be confusing, I’m finding this article extemely helpful to use as a checklist.

Inclusively Hiding & Styling Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

This includes some great info about hiding checkboxes inclusively so checkboxes can still be found by people using haptics.


Google Fonts don’t offer webfont formats such as Woff or Woff2 for download. This site allows you to download them regardless, they also give you the CSS for either a modern or a more comprehensive set that covers older browsers.